Sustainable Funding Grants

This program provides grants for training WNY nonprofit organizations in fundraising methods to become more self-sustainable. This program is a year-long training and coaching program. Training on the Benevon® Model provides the step-by-step process and the tools (workshops, templates, scripts, and rigorous coaching) to implement a mission-based system for securing sustainable funding from individual donors. The training involves the organization’s key staff members, board members and volunteers. WNY non-profit organizations interested in applying for funding to learn the Benevon® Model, may contact Ken Dulian at 716-204-0204.  Grant applications for Sustainable Funding will follow the deadlines and proceedures for Western New York Grants.  Please call Ken Dulian before completing a grant application. To learn more about the Benevon® Model, please visit:

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Donors learn the positive impact of bringing food and friendship to homebound individuals.