Family, Board and Staff Grants

The East Hill Foundation teaches philanthropy and stewardship to the founder’s family members by supporting their projects irrespective of where they live. Family members, Board members and Staff may sponsor projects for qualified 501(c)(3) organizations. Family, Board and Staff generate their own grant opportunities, therefore, Family/Board/Staff Grant Applications are provided by invitation only. Completed Grant Applications with all the required attachments are reviewed by the East Hill Foundation Board of Directors. The Foundation staff may request a site visit prior to the Board of Directors meeting. Organizations are notified in writing as to the Board of Directors’ determinations. All organizations receiving a grant from the East Hill Foundation are required to sign a formal grant contract and complete a final grant report at the conclusion of the grant period. Interim progress reports may also be required.

*Note:  Family/Board/Staff Sponsored Grant Applications are by invitation only and due February 12, 2024 (Early Due Date) or June 3, 2024 (Final Due Date).  An access code is needed to apply.  

The North Tonawanda Audubon Nature Preserve (also known as the Klydel Wetlands) offers nature hikes to the public. The popular “Owl Prowl” is a family favorite.

Great Lake FX inspires life-long learners on the importance of the Great Lakes Basin while giving back to their Fredonia/Dunkirk community.